Our rates for parties who represent themselves are generally as follows:

Divorce & Family Law Matters

  •  $710    Divorce – Summons, Petition, Request for Default and Fee Waiver.  Short declaration disclosure included.
  • $550    Divorce Response – Response, Fee Waiver.  Short declaration disclosure included.
  • $240    Divorce Amendment
  • $100    At Issue Memorandum
  • $710    Petition to Establish a Parental Relationship
  • $1000    Petition to Terminate Parental Right
  • $630    Domestic Violence Restraining Order – Always prepared as a rush job.
  • $670    Ex Parte request for order – Always prepared as a rush job
  • $540   Request for Spousal Support, Child Support, or Other Order
  • $140   Additional Order Requests
  • $180   Other family law pleadings
  • $90    Additional consultation or phone call – check dates, check case status, obtain extra copies, etc.

Grand Parents Rights

  • $690    Petition to establish grandparent rights
  • $540    Objection


  • $550    Petition to terminate parental rights for purpose of adoption
  • $850    Stepchild adoption


  • $1,150 Guardianship package
  • $250 Each additional child
  • $450 Objection

Other Civil Matters

  • $350 Plan Package – Power of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directive, Statutory Will
  • $530 Civil Restraining Order
  • $425 Summons and Complaint – Limited Civil
  • $650 Name Change
  • $150* Other civil pleadings, answers to discovery, etc.

Criminal Matters

  • $350 Sealing Order, Petition to Dismiss, Petition to Reduce Charges, etc. – First case.
  • $200 Sealing Order, Petition to Dismiss, Petition to Reduce Charges, etc. – Cases 2-6
  • $150 Sealing Order, Petition to Dismiss, Petition to Reduce Charges, etc. – Each additional case in the same courthouse
  • $350 Quash restraining order

Evictions & Unlawful Detainers

  • $85      Notice – 3, 15, 30, or 60 Day Notice
  • $1,100   Eviction/Unlawful Detainer – Residential, Possession Only
  • Note: Price was increased on 9/12/2021 due to the extreme effort required to process evictions under the Covid rules.
  • $110 Writ of Execution

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

$150 Rush. It takes a few days to prepare documents for most cases, but we charge a bit extra and stay after hours for clients who need to have their documents prepared immediately.

* This is an hourly rate for typing and formatting

All fees are flat rate except fees that include an asterisk*.  Those fees are charged hourly because preparation time is almost completely dependent on the parties and not on the paralegals. Fees do not include court fees, Sheriff’s Department fees, or any other fees that may be charged by a third party. The court clerks often reject pleadings for minor issues. It would be highly unlikely for us to make an error in pleadings, but we do not charge for correction of our errors.

Instructions for making payments can be found here

If you need other types of paralegal work, we are happy to send you to our friends.  We work with paralegals who specialize in multiple other areas of the law and in multiple counties.  Just ask us.  These are a few of the paralegal firms we have recently worked with: